Friday, 30 December 2016

Howard Rotavator Oil Seals Supplied By WMT Bearings

Do you have a requirement for a seal/bearing/circlip for any of the range of rotavators supplied by Howard?

WMT Bearings have printed off PDF files for many of the models supplied by this company and have listed the various components. As a result we can supply GENERIC equivalent seals together with quality imperial/metric bearings as well as chains etc.

WMT Bearings can supply the following Howard oil seal part numbers:


All the above can be supplied as nitrile rubber or metal enclosed with wiper. Many of these seals are listed on Ebay but WMT Bearings prefer to sell direct to the user.

Please note that we do not keep every item listed in stock but delivery times are normally very short.
If you also require bearings/chains/circlips then please let us have a list of your requirements.

For further information or quotation please call WMT Bearings on 01743 850618, email SALES or message me on WHATSAPP 07411 012920

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Universal Flanged Wheel Bearings Supplied By WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury

WMT Bearings keep stocks of the most popular universal flanged wheel bearings in stock and welcome your enquiries for this product. Commonly used on lawn tractors, buggies, mobility scooters and lawn mowers.Every OEM who uses these bearings gives it a different part number and we can identify the correct bearing from that part number. Commonly known in USA as Freeway Bearings they come in a number of different sizes but in most cases they are standard by the outside diameter below the flange which is 1.3/8″. Bore (shaft) sizes vary but include 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. WMT Bearings sell these on Ebay but if you wish to take advantage by buying direct from ourselves we can offer better prices and even quicker deliveries. Please call 01743 850618 message me on Whatsapp 07411 012920 or email  our sales office at the email address shown adjacent to this blog.
Not sure what you need? Call us, we are here to help.

Great Quality KLNJ (R) Series Imperial Ball Bearings Now Available From WMT Bearings

Do you buy the KLNJ series of imperial deep groove ball bearing? Up until now it has only been possible to purchase bearings imported from The Far East or alternatively paying for these bearings manufactured by RHP. Two ends of the spectrum, the cheap and the (relatively) expensive. WMT Bearings can now supply an alternative brand manufactured by Japanese bearing company called KSM. WMT Bearings currently supply the LJ and MJ series of imperial deep groove bearing so can now supply most of these series of bearing at inexpensive prices. The KLNJ (RHP) series is also known at the R series by the Japanese  and is popularly sold as an R part number on the popular auction sites.
Whether you need sealed, shielded or open bearings please call 01743 850618, Whatsapp 07411 012920 or EMAIL sales for friendly advice coupled with a fast free quotation.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Housings & Bearings Supplied By WMT Bearings

Took a call this morning from one of my regular customers who was looking for a UCF216 which is a Japanese/Chinese part number for a four bolt square cast iron housing complete with an 80mm bearing insert. A quick pick of the relevant bearing catalogues and I am in a position to check housing dimensions before making him an offer.
WMT Bearings can supply a huge variety of bearings and housings manufactured by many of the leading manufacturers as well as budget brands manufactured in The Far East. They can supply the same in thermoplastic and stainless steel where used in food environments. WMT Bearings can supply grub screw as well as eccentric locking collar bearing inserts.
Wherever you are in the country, why not call us on 01743 850618 or EMAIL us for a fast free quotation? We can supply and deliver to most parts of the UK on a next day basis. If you purchase on Ebay but you need next day delivery, please call us and we will endeavour to get that delivery to you
For RHP, SKF,INA,NTN-SNR, and many other popular/budget brands try WMT Bearings.
WMT Bearings can also supply many other agricultural housings and bearings including those muckspreaders and disc harrows, combines, ploughs.
Do you have a requirement but dont know what to ask for? Call us today and let us define what you need!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Howard Rotavator Bearings,Seals, Circlips, Chains All Available From WMT Bearings

I use a number of different formats to promote my company online including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, my website WMT Bearings my Facebook page and the Google blog that you are reading now. The Google Blog shows me where the majority of the traffic to this site is coming from and, in this case, that is the USA.

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis will see that the goods that I promote most regularly are those where agriculture/horticulture/Lawn and Garden products are blogged about. Many of my customers belong to these groups and I spend a lot of time promoting my company to these particular markets.

I took a call last week from a customer here in the UK who had seen a blog about a special oil seal (Howard part number 263727062) which I had sourced on behalf of a customer and he was looking for 261712023. A little research determined the seal sizes and he took delivery the following day at prices which didnt break the bank. As a result of this enquiry I decided to find out more about these old machines and I have printed off the various PDF files of Howard machines which show the part numbers and descriptions. Many of these part numbers are very old but still very much obtainable and I can supply at very reasonable prices. In addition I can supply an alternative to the Morse 12R roller chains that have previously been used on some of these machines.

Many Howard part numbers have been listed by me on Ebay and the prices quoted on the auction site for bearings, seals etc are a lot cheaper than my competitors. Alternatively if you need a large number of parts why not drop me an EMAIL or call me on 44-1743-850618 anytime.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Stihl Chainsaw Bearings And Seals Supplied By WMT Bearings

I supplied a local engineer who repairs/services chainsaws with bearings and seals recently. The application was a Stihl chain saw though what they fitted I didnt ask. Subsequently I found online a complete list of parts for the majority of Stihl machines and so I set down to list them and cross reference them. I can now offer my customers a full range of needle and ball bearings together with seals at prices that smash the OEM prices offered by the main dealers. I intend to list many of these on Ebay but would prefer to supply to customers who come direct to me whereupon I can tailor prices dependent on quantities supplied.
Naturally we must point out that the bearings and seals that I supply are generic equivalents of the OEM part number quoted. We are not authorised distributors for Stihl and the part numbers are quoted for reference only. Whatever Stihl bearings or Stihl seals that you need, please call WMT Bearings on Shrewsbury 01743 850618 or email SALES for a fast free quotation.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mower Belts & Bearings Supplied By WMT Bearings of Shrewsbury

When WMT Bearings started selling on Ebay a little over twelve months ago, little did they realised the speed at which their stocks would evolve and the demand for an ever wider stock requirement  would increase. Ebay demands have resulted in regular repeat orders for bearings, belts and seals to suit a wide variety of applications. One such application was for belts to suit lawn and grasscare equipment. The ability of the owner to be able to cross reference and source good quality belts has been instrumental in our growing reputation as a supplier of vee, wedge, flat and timing belts as well as kevlar (aramid) belts to a combination of private individuals as well as greenkeepers and horticultural repair companies.

WMT Bearings can now offer replacement generic quality branded belts to suit many of the OEM.s that sell their machinery here in the UK. We can sell belts for Stiga, Honda, Castle Garden, MTD, Toro, John Deere, Jacobsen, Allett and Dennis to name just a few companies. We can also supply many of the bearings used on these machines thus saving the operator time and money.

If you have a requirement for any of these items then please give me, Roger Jervis a call on 01743 850618 or email me at the address adjacent to this blog.

Just Some Of The Testimonials For WMT Bearings Of Shrewsbury..................

WMT Bearings have recently revamped its website and we asked some of our many customers if they would he happy to write a testimonial for us. The following represent some of that feedback:

Yanmar RD122 mower, required new timing cutter belt. Contacted Roger, via eBay, who was most helpful. Sent one out, found that it had 355 teeth, whilst I required 360 teeth. New one re sent for next day delivery, and sure enough arrived. Also, Roger, gave great help in acquiring new pulleys. Yanmar prices, £250 each, needed 6. WMT, said they could manufacture them at a considerable low cost. However, Yanmar came back to me with reduced price to £68each!
A personal note, thank you Roger, for all your time and help you’ve given. I’m prescribing you to everybody I know, and they too are doing the same.
My contact with WMT was initially over some specialist bearings where Roger gave expert and helpful advice resulting in a top quality product at a very reasonable price. I have since used WMT for sourcing and supply of drive belts for my sit-on lawnmower. Roger suggested I upgraded to Kevlar belts – Longer life at very little extra cost.
I would have no hesitation in recommending WMT.
Richard“When repairing or restoring vintage machinery the sourcing of bearings, oil seals and drive chains can be problematic as they tend to be of a size not commonly available.  Roger Jervis of WMT Bearings has proved invaluable in finding such items and at very competitive prices.  He is now my first port of call.”Paul
I purchased a number of add-hoc pulleys during the summer from Roger Jervis of WMT Bearings (GB) Ltd.
Roger worked with me so that the pulleys where within the required specification. When the pulleys arrived he contacted me to make sure they were correct. This type of customer service impressed me and demonstrates the value Roger puts on his customers.  When I need similar parts in the future, I will use Rogers services again.

SeamusWMT Bearings appreciates that getting business and keeping customers happy is key to staying in business. If you are looking for someone who can personally help you with your requirements then please do not hesitate to call or email me. I can be contacted on 01743 850618 or can be emailed at the address adjacent to this blog.

Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Bearings Supplied By WMT Bearings of Shrewsbury.

Are you looking for bearings for a wheelchair or mobility scooter? Look no further! WMT Bearings can supply, in many cases, from immediate stock very good quality bearings and seals at prices that dont break the bank. Whether you need metric or imperial, metal or rubber sealed, budget or top quality, ball, roller or needle roller call us today.

Surfing the internet there are many companies that supply mobility aids. They also offer a whole variety of spares but from what I can see they supply cheap poor quality Chinese and Far Eastern manufactured bearings but then sell them at proportionately very high prices. What is more they then try to protect themselves by putting inaccurate dimensions on their website to stop the customer from shopping around.

Here at WMT Bearings, my philosophy is to treat the customer with great respect. A happy customer is a repeat customer. The customer will always know what they are buying from me. In some cases I have no option but to sell Chinese bearings. but I will never try to hoodwink anyone and my current feedback on Ebay proves testament to that.

Free carriage is not free. That free carriage has been added to the price somewhere along the line.

Why not give WMT Bearings a call? I am a one man band. I give my customers fast friendly service. You can benefit from that service too, please call or email me today.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Disc Harrow Bearings Supplied By WMT Bearings Shrewsbury.

Are you looking for disc harrow bearings/ Please call WMT Bearings on 01743 850618 or email our sales office for a fast free quotation. We have extensive lists of all the main OEM part numbers and can cross reference European and North American OEM part numbers.

We can cross reference the following:


and supply round and square bore bearings.

Need them quickly? We can arrange direct shipment. Call TODAY!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Kevlar Corded Mower Belts Supplied By WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury

WMT Bearings of Shrewsbury can supply a comprehensive range of lawn and garden belts to suit a wide range of machinery. Some of the most popular belts are those suited to John Deere, Stiga, MTD, Honda and Husqvarna applications. WMT Bearings can cross reference many belt part numbers for these OEM's and supply to customers nationwide at prices that are significantly cheaper than OEM prices. It is important to remember that OEM's do not manufacture their own belts, instead they have their belts made by leading  and other belt manufacturers throughout the world.

If you are looking for a mower belt whether it be a kevlar corded vee or wedge belt, a single or double sided timing belt or  a hexagonal belt then WMT Bearings can quote for and supply and save you money. As previously mentioned we have lists of OEM part numbers and their corresponding equivalents. My customers who buy from me on Ebay have, to date given me 100% feedback and I have supplied belts to suit a huge number of different applications. Ebay for WMT Bearings represents an excellent shop window for the many products that I sell but if you cannot find what you want then please call 01743 850618 or email SALES and I will source and supply on your behalf.Alternatively if you know what you require then call me and I will endeavour to win your business.

Kevlar corded belts are normally measured on the outside diameter. There are normally three top widths, these being 3L,4L and 5L which in turn corresponds to 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" therefore 4L500 is 50" on the outside and 1/2" top width. The inside width will always be 2" less than the OD.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Megaydyne Belting And Accessories Now Available From WMT Bearings

WMT Bearings can now offer its customers a full range of belting and associated products  from the Megadyne Group of companies. 

Whether you require vee/wedge/timing/banded/variable speed/cogged raw edge/kevlar or double sided timing belts WMT Bearings can help. They can,  through their new alliance also supply aluminium timing pulleys, timing bars and clamping plates. 

Whether you are local or further afield, we can, with the assistance of our supplier arrange next day delivery to you.

Please call us on 01743 850618 or email sales for a fast free quotation or for further information.

Please take a look at the range of products available from the Megadyne  catalogue . 

WMT Bearings will be further illustrating the range of products available via this blog in the future.

We look forward to receiving any enquiries that you may have.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

YANMAR 1A-7550-63300 Double Sided Timing Belt Supplied By WMT Bearings

WMT Bearings supply a large number of belts to suit a wide range of applications and we have been asked recently to supply a belt to suit a Yanmar RD122 sit on mower. The belt designation was a 300DS8M-2800 and this is confirmed on a PDF file commonly available using Google. I dont know very much about Yanmar but I believe they were designed for the American market but have also been imported from Japan as a grey market.

On two occasions now this belt has been requested by the customer and supplied by WMT Bearings. Unfortunately in each case the belt supplied was incorrect. The 2800 belt is 8mm pitch hence the number of teeth is 2800/8 = 350 teeth. If your belt has this number of teeth then you are safe to buy this either directly from me or via Ebay.

Alternatively if your belt has 360 teeth then you need another differently sized belt which is 360 teeth and 2880mm long. WMT Bearings can supply this belt too and we welcome all enquiries for this belt and all the many others that we supply.

Please call us on 01743 850618, email us or visit our premises in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Winning new customers online and offline.

I took a call earlier this week from an engineer elsewhere in the country who needed bearings. The man had previously purchased from me on Ebay and, presumably happy with the price and service that he had received came back to me. The customer had always previously been loyal to his local company but had found that his loyalty had not been rewarded and prices had been creeping up bit by bit. The company in question was a national with many different branches so it was a real joy to think that I had won an order at their expense.

I sell on Ebay all the time. I have to be competitive of course, so that means offering quality goods, offer carriage free and prices inclusive of VAT. In addition I have to allow for commission to Ebay and Paypal and last of course the VAT element of the transaction. Selling on Ebay gives my company national and international coverage and enables people to identify the products that I sell quickly.

Unlike many Ebay traders, I am a real company. I operate a business that is open to the public during the day and offer out of hours service to those that needs it for the remainder of the day. I can be contacted by email or telephone 24 hours of the day and I answer emails wherever possible during the days/evenings. By removing the additional charges associated with the auction site I can offer even better prices when people deal directly with WMT Bearings.

I am now increasingly receiving phone calls and emails from people who have seen my presence on Ebay and have called me. It may be because they are looking for variations to the products that I offer or perhaps they want a bigger quantity, may be a different manufacture etc.

Having started selling on the auction site a little over twelve months ago I have now achieved over 350 happy customers who have been provided with what they required together with a quick delivery.
I can offer an even better  service to all my customers offline too. I can arrange next working day delivery to most parts of the UK mainland and supply a huge number of bearings manufactured by worldwide manufacturers.

Why not test me today? Call or email us for a fast response.We can offer superb prices on many of the products that we sell. Please try us and see.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Ducati Bearings Available From WMT Bearings Shrewsbury

A days research on Ducati part numbers led me to a comprehensive list of Ducati and other motorcycle bearings part numbers and their cross references and I realised that I would be able to offer competitively priced, top quality branded equivalents to many of these OEM part numbers.

WMT Bearings can supply ball, roller and needle roller bearings manufactured by SKF, FAG, INA, NTN, NSK and welcome all your enquiries. My quotes will always specify the brand(s) to be offered and you can be assured of getting a quality product at a competitive price

WMT Bearings can also supply a range of rotary shaft oil seals. Please call us on 01743 850618 or email for a fast free quotation or for more information.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Flanged unground ball bearings. Multiple Applications Available From WMT Bearings Shrewsbury

Looking for a flanged wheel bearing such as the one in the picture? WMT Bearings carry stock of a number of different sizes of these bearings. There are numerous applications for these bearings including mobility scooters, lawn tractors and mowers, wheel chairs, scooters etc. We stock the following sizes:

11.1 x 28.6mm

1/2" x 1.1/8"

1/2" x 1.3/8"

5/8" x 1.3/8"

3/4" x 1.3/8"

Please call or email us with your requirements.

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Looking For Trailer Bearings? Look No Further!! Call WMT Bearings Shrewsbury

Are you whistling "One wheel on my wagon" ? Has your trailer given up on you? Need a taper roller bearing/? Look no further-call WMT Bearings of Shrewsbury!! Whether you need sealed or unsealed, metric or imperial, budget or Timken, we can help. The pictures show just some of the many makes that we can offer. From top quality brands like Timken and SKF to Japanese brands to budget brands manufactured in the Far East. We can also supply taper bearings with integral seals for added protection. Got an OEM part number? No problem! Send WMT your enquiries and we will respond.

Double Sided Timing Belts From WMT Bearings Shrewsbury

WMT Bearings stock a range of belts to suit a wide range of applications. One of our fastest selling ranges is the metric double sided timing belts. Double sided timing belts are invariably 8mm pitch and  available in a range of sizes dependent upon the application. WMT Bearings sell these belts on Ebay but we are just as keen to offer them direct to our customer at prices negotiable between the parties. Why not identify your requirements from your handbook  or give us a call with your details.

One customer rang me this morning wanting a double sided belt to suit a Yanmar machine. Part number 1A7550-63300 was quickly identified and I arranged for direct next day delivery from the supplier. WMT Bearings work with a number of different suppliers who can offer many different makes including budget and top end.

We stock the following:








Call or email us today for further details.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Vintage Motorcycle Bearings For BSA, Triumph, Norton, Velocette, Vincent and many more.

I have been spending time looking at bearings used in the old British motorcycles such as BSA, Triumph, Norton, Vincent and Velocette and then checking who is selling them on Ebay and other sites. It is a real eye opener! Firstly the number of companies/individuals, secondly where they operate from and thirdly the variation in the prices being charged. One company in Austria seems to hold the stocks but they're not cheap and carriage charges quickly add up. Other companies operate from France, India, USA amongst others.

Many of the bearings offered are imperial. When these motorcycles were built they used bearings manufactured by Ransome and Marles, Hoffman and Pollard who all eventually got together to become RHP brand. These companies produced a huge number of imperial ball and roller bearings. RHP continued to produce the bearings until their demand faltered and now the ability to find these obsolete bearings gets ever harder.

Imperial ball bearings these days are manufactured by many Chinese companies and are synonymous by the absence of any markings which would identify the manufacturer. When you see an unmarked bearing offered there is a good chance that you are buying a cheaply imported bearing. One company in Japan that  has a growing reputation for supplying very good quality imperial ball bearings is the KSM brand. It is good quality and is used by companies who find that RHP is too expensive but at the same time would not tolerate using unbranded bearings.

WMT Bearings sell KSM but can equally supply top quality Western brands such as SKF, RHP and FAG. In some cases availability may be based on an unbranded anonymously manufactured bearing. Would you use them on your machine?

WMT Bearings sell a full range of bearings on Ebay but will always advise the customer what they are getting.

If you need bearings for any automotive equipment please give me a call at anytime. I specialise in FAG BEARINGS (do a search on Ebay for "MINT BOXED FAG" but can supply the full range and in many cases a damned sight cheaper than any of the foreign companies out there on the net.

Whatever your bike please give me a call. I like to think that I am competitive. Tell me what you need and leave me to quote you.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Marshall Muckspreader Bearings From WMT BEARINGS SHREWSBURY

A farmer contacted me a couple of days ago requiring a heavy duty pillow block to suit the rear of a Marshall muck spreader. This picture shows the bearing and housing concerned. I offered him a choice, RHP at the top end and MSB, a Chinese brand at the budget end and he chose the budget one. The customer took delivery the next day. We can supply similar bearings for many other muck spreaders. Just give us a call with your requirements and you too can benefit from a choice, get expert advice and get quick delivery. Call us on 01743 850618 or email

Most OEM's these days fit Chinese bearings to their machines. Most people who come to me buy Chinese too but I can offer you a choice. I can help you to identify what you need. So whether you need two or four bolt, cast iron, thermoplastic or pressed steel WMT Bearings is the answer. Dont pay more than you have to!!

Amazone CE006 Flanged Housing/Bearing

I received a call from a customer who was looking for a pair  of bearings to suit an Amazone  drum mower and was quoted article number 993223.  Right from the start this was a tricky one. but bit by bit I was able to identify that the part number required was Amazone CE006. Now we are not authorised distributors for Amazone but I was able to offer the customer a four bolt flanged housing and bearing in INA manufacture and he was able to take delivery in 3-4 days.

WMT Bearings spend a lot of time identifying customers' requirements and we can offer that service to anyone who calls us. Please call our landline or email our sales office as detailed to the right of the page.

We offer this item on our Ebay site but if you prefer why not call to deal direct with me. We can offer superior terms on a direct basis and can offer discounts on larger quantities.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wheel Bearings For Classic Vehicles From WMT Bearings.

Took a call earlier this week from a guy who needed front wheel bearings for a Peugeot (circa 1970). The model wasnt specified but he was able to read some of the numbers off the bearing. Great!! With that I got my catalogues out and quickly determined that he needed the equivalent of SKF kit VKBA022. I say equivalent because SKF no longer manufacture that kit and so I had to offer what I could. The result, my customer received a next day delivery directly to his door of everything that he needed to get his trusted steed back on the road.

WMT Bearings can supply all manner of automotive bearings for vehicles old and new. The proprietor worked for seventeen years for a family owned business called Goldline Bearings in Telford. Goldline supplied a huge range of bearings for light and heavy commercial and also cars and motorcycles. Whatever your requirements please give me a call on 01743 850618 or email sales for a fast free quotation.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mower Belts From WMT Bearings, Shrewsbury

Well its very close to spring and its time to get the mowers out. Whatever you use to cut the grass, weeds, shrubs etc there is essential maintenance to be done and this is where WMT Bearings can help. We supply bearings, belts and seals for many of the makes of grasscare machinery used throughout the UK and further afield.

We supply PIX belts to suit the following makes of mower:


Whatever you use why not call us on 01743 850618 or email us at the address shown on the right hand side of the page.

We can supply flat timing belts, double sided timing belts, hexagonal belts, vee belts wedge belts, kevlar corded belts.We supply as the OEM part number in many cases but can also supply generic equivalents where necessary.

We can also supply pulleys, idler pulleys, flanged wheel bearings and many other horticultural parts suitable for your machine.

Monday, 7 March 2016

KUHN 81104577, JOHN DEERE EB81104577

Took a phone call today from someone looking for a double row angular contact ball bearing, Kuhn part number 81104577 which is also John Deere EB81104577. This was a new one for me but eventually I was able to offer my customer a price and lead time of approximately two weeks.

WMT Bearings can cross reference many OEM part numbers including agricultural machinery companies. If you need a quote please call us. We are not tied to one particular manufacturer and can supply top quality from a number of different sources. The price that I eventually offered was less than half what was being offered elsewhere on the web.

Please call us on 01743 850618 or email for further info or for a fast free quotation.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Mower Maintenance Season

Its still winter but spring is not too far away and green keepers are spending time preparing their machines for another long season. Machines need to be kept in pristine condition and that means that essential maintenance needs to be carried out.

WMT Bearings can, through their various allegiances supply many different belts, bearings, seals, filters, circlips to suit these requirements. We supply imperial and metric ball, roller and needle bearings manufactured by the worlds' biggest companies and we can tailor your requirements to your budget. We supply flat, timing, vee and kevlar corded belts and can in most cases cross reference the OEM part number across to good quality generic equivalents. Take a look on popular auction sites and you will see many offers for these products.

Popular auction sites are an easy way to find what you want but they are not always the cheapest. Whilst prices are meant to be keen, in many cases WMT Bearings can offer at far better prices. Many bearings and belts are offered for sale by American companies but after import and duties are added to the price of the products the amount that you save is greatly reduced. WMT Bearings welcome the opportunity to quote for any belt/bearing offered elsewhere on Ebay. We particularly welcome the opportunity to quote for bearings, belts, seals, circlips for commercial mowers. As an example we supply large numbers of ribbed belts designed for the FT series of mowers sold by Dennis on Ebay at prices that are substantially cheaper than the OEM themselves. If you are looking for J209003 and J209005 then please call us or buy on Ebay if you wish.

Whether you are a sports facility, football ground, bowling green or golf course please call us on 01743 850618 or email for a fast free quotation.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bearings For Rascal 600 Series Mobility Scooters

WMT Bearings offer a choice of flanged wheel bearings to suit a wide range of grasscare machinery and can supply half a dozen different sizes to suit various makes and applications.

I took a call from a customer yesterday who wanted me to confirm the internal diameter (ID) and outside diameter of a bearing that I have offered for sale on Ebay. Once confirmed he was happy to place an order with me and he took delivery the following working day. The bearings in this particular case were for a Rascal 600 Series Electric Mobility Scooter and were substantially cheaper than those offered elsewhere.

If you have a requirement for flanged wheel bearings, whether for wheel chairs, mobiliy scooters or other apparatus please call WMT Bearings on 01743 850618 or email

You can of course do a search on Ebay where I sell these and purchase using Paypal or if you dont have a Paypal account just call us for a quick transaction.

Friday, 5 February 2016


These are just some of the many makes of American groundcare machinery which are offered for sale on the auction sites. I have today spent some time cross referencing some of the many bearing part numbers on Ebay and offering good quality equivalents to the corresponding OEM part numbers.

Take a look at any of these American OEM part numbers and the basic cost in USD is quite reasonable. Add to that the quoted carriage and thats where the initial bargain turns out to be less so. Then when the courier or postman is knocking on the door and asking for import duty and VAT things really look expensive.

Fortunately in many cases there is no need, We can supply good and budget quality equivalents to these part numbers in many cases from stock but in most cases within 4-5 days from order. No hidden carriage, no unexpected import or VAT duty.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please call us on 01743 850618 or email me and tell me what you are looking for. If you can email a picture better still

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dont buy American bearings on Ebay......................

Just been looking at mower bearings on Ebay. UK companies charging top whack for commonly available parts. American companies offering cheap prices on bearings but then charging crazy prices for postage. Dont buy from either call me. Reasonable prices, cheap carriage and quality goods. Thats the WMT way.

One English company quoting over £20.00 for a commonly available bearing and then charging £2.80 postage. I decided to offer the same bearing for a fiver! Goods to be supplied FAG. Delivery charge ? £3.00 which is more or less cost.

So if you are looking for bearings, belts, bushings, wheel bearings for American manufactured machinery come to me first. I could save you a lot of time and money