Friday, 27 June 2014

Cant find something?

A guy calls in today needing spares for a Merry Tiller rotavator including needle bearings, seals and a belt pulley. Wherever he has been to elsewhere he has been told that the parts that he requires are obsolete. So yet again WMT Bearings come to the rescue. First of all I found him a set of seals and followed that up by quoting him for the imperial needle roller bearing and then finally sourced the belt pulley. I have to say that there must be a lot of business lost by companies throughout the country because they cannot be bothered to look for these parts. I guess that because nobody bothers to market these "obsolete" parts then staff are too lazy to do the research.

A lot of machines share many of the bearings though each manufacturer will give it a different part number. If you need bearings and your main dealer cant be bothered, please give WMT Bearings a call. Ring 01743 850618 or email

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Testimonial from a Happy of many


Just received your telephone message and i have no problem in assisting you to advertise your business. It is good to be able to receive such a caring personal service like you offer, there is not much of it around. I am only a smallholder and sometimes it is difficult to deal with companies when you are farming on a small scale.

Thanks again


 Hi, Thanks for the 4 Zetor mower belts you ordered for me last week. They arrived the next day and the hay is now safely in the barn. I would be grateful if you could send me a vat invoice when it is convenient. Many thanks for your service, it was excellent. Nigel

WMT Bearings prides itself on its customer service. We like to look after our customers. We can only grow our business by increasing our customer base and we can only do that by offering good quality products together with good service.

Nigel rang, I quoted him and he took delivery of four mower belts supplied direct from my supplier. We can supply many of your agricultural/horticultural bearings, belts, chains etc. Call us today and see why Nigel was happy to sing our praises.


A customer came to my premises yesterday with a bearing off a TORO WHEELHORSE machine. He had been to another company in Shrewsbury and had met total indifference from its staff so paid me a visit. I identified the bearing and it will be delivered to me today. Result? One happy customer!!

Subsequently I went onto Ebay to see if the same part was being sold on there and was surprised to see that many of the sellers of these bearings were USA based and whilst the unit price of the bearings was comparatively cheap the carriage cost was sky high and delivery was several days.

WMT Bearings can offer many bearings to suit these types of machine. We can supply top quality deep groove ball and taper roller together with unground bearings. Unlike our American counterparts our delivery to you is quick and the prices are competitive.

We are not official distributors for TORO WHEELHORSE. We offer top quality equivalent bearings manufactured by leading bearing companies.

We can supply the following part numbers


If your part number is not listed, please call or email us.

WMT Bearings are not restricted to just this brand, we can also supply bearings for many other applications. Why not call us and see what we can offer?
Call 01743 850618 or email:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

BSA Motorcycle Bearings

I have just been talking to a customer who repairs and refurbishes BSA Bantam and other motorcycle bearings and he brought me in all the bearings and seals that he uses. Some of these surprisingly were metric but others were imperial so armed with the information gleaned from the bearings and seals I have spent some time identifying and cross referencing the various part numbers. Supplying metric ball and roller bearings is never going to be a problem and some of the imperial sizes are still readily available but of course as time goes on, imperial bearings will become harder to source and more expensive to purchase.

Having taken a look on Ebay many of these bearings that are offered seem exceedingly cheap but the average buyer would not know one brand from another. Sellers advertise "branded bearings" but that can mean anything at all. The Chinese make most of the worlds' bearings and many have names so are therefore a brand but would you knowingly buy a Chinese or similar budget bearing when you were expecting to buy FAG, SKF or RHP.

I can supply you with quality bearings at competitive prices. I will supply you with SKF or FAG on metric bearings and RHP or Japanese on imperial bearings. I can tell you what I will supply you with before you commit to purchase.. My website details some of my standard online prices but if you want to purchase in quantity then I can offer you better deals. If you are happy to use a Chinese bearing I can supply that to you as well.

I use EBAY all the time but the old adage "What you see is what you get" isnt always true. I list the following bearing part numbers. I dont wish to put all the prices online but if you are looking for any of these bearings please call me on 01743 850618 or email You will know what you are getting and we can negotiate if you like.

Let me show you how to buy competitively!!

21 722
24 724
24 732
24 4065
24 4217
24 6860
27 261
29 3857
29 6211
42 5819
65 1388
65 2045
65 5883
67 670
89 3022
89 3023
90 10
90 11
90 12
90 5525
90 5559
90 6063
60 7362
01 4675

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Filters take many forms, be they filter fuel, air, hydraulic oil and  engine oil and there are many different manufacturers around the world. In addition to these makes many companies will employ one or more of these manufacturers to produce and rebadge on their behalf. Naturally purchasers of these rebadged products are expected to use the OEM product whilst the vehicle is within the warranty period. Outside of the warranty there is no restriction on where such filters can be purchased from.

Here at WMT Bearings we can offer our customers a choice of product. We can utilise our business relationship with a number of key suppliers to offer you the consumer a choice of different makes and, hopefully at a price that suits. Unlike bearings we do not keep filters on our shelves but we can generally offer the customer a fast delivery directly to your door.

Why not give WMT the chance to quote for these items and any other associated products? We welcome the opportunity to help.

Please call us on 01743 850618 or email for a competitive quotation.

Bearings suppliers in Shrewsbury?

WMT Bearings is conveniently located on the South West side of Shrewsbury close to The Four Crosses pub in Bicton and a short distance from the Shelton Water Tower. We have excellent parking and access for all kinds of vehicles. With the outer ring road being chewed up by extensive road works for the next six months there is no better reason not to give us a call. We are very close to the A5/A458 Welshpool road roundabout so are very easy to find. Equally for those people in South and West Shropshire and over the border into Wales we represent your easiest source of bearings and all the other products that you can buy.

Why not join the increasing numbers of people who choose WMT Bearings for their requirements? If you know what you need why not call 01743 850618 and we can put the goods on a next day carrier.

We look forward to your call.

Address Confusion

Can I make everyone aware that we changed our address on May 1st to Unit 2 Bicton Business Park, Isle Lane, Bicton, Shrewsbury SY3 8DY.

Access to our new premises unlike our old premises is first class with plenty of parking space. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area Isle Lane is situated just off the old A5 Shelton to Montford Bridge road adjacent to The Four Crosses Public House.

Why not visit our online shop ? All our prices include VAT.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The word is spreading...................

We have advertised in various local media and national media, We have advertised in the newspapers and online digital media but we are beginning to increase business rapidly using "word of mouth"  At some point in the future our website will be working hard to bring us the success that we undoubtably deserve but in the mean time we will carry on promoting the company utilising the free open source software that is freely available.

We offer excellent customer service, we can supply a quality product and we can do this competitively. Whats more we can deliver quickly to your door by engaging the services of a wonderful network of suppliers together with a fleet of couriers up and down the country.

Its so easy to go to Ebay, select a product, pay for it on Paypal and wait for your selected product to turn up but what if you arent certain what you require? What happens if they supply the wrong item? What happens if you expected SKF but you are supplied with a bearing of doubtful origin?

Talk to WMT Bearings. We are honest. We tell you what you are buying. We can offer full traceability on most of our products. You have a guarantee. You wont get any guarantee from your average Ebay seller but you will when you buy quality products from WMT. There are many companies throughout the world selling fake bearings and bearings that have sat on shelves for many years. You buy a bearing. It may be army surplus and decades old. Technology changes all the time. A modern day bearing utilises up to date technology and WMT Bearings supplies up to date bearings..

Call us on 01743 850618 or email

We look forward to your call.

Vintage machinery Bearings

I have recently attended a number of local shows and at each one there has been presentations of retired army vehicles, traction engines, steam engines, agricultural tractors and vintage motorcycles and, being involved in the bearings industry I was naturally very interested in promoting my company to these people.

A lot of these vehicles used imperial bearings manufactured by HOFFMAN, FAFNIR, POLLARD, SKEFCO and RANSOME & MARLES and TIMKEN but these days these companies have evolved into mega international companies. WMT Bearings can supply RHP, SKF, TIMKEN, FAG and INA bearings  and therefore supply  top quality replacement bearings in many cases directly from our own stock holdings.
In addition to these major brands we can also supply Japanese and budget brands to suit your pocket.

If your need is urgent we can arrange for direct delivery to you from a whole host of suppliers in this country and further afield. Please call or email us with your requirements.

Imperial Bearings

WMT Bearings can supply many of your imperial bearing requirements including sealed, shielded, open, light duty, heavy duty and with snap ring and groove. Whilst RHP is the market leader of this genre of bearings there are other companies that manufacture to these imperial dimensions including Japanese and Far Eastern brands so there is always a solution only dependent on your available budget. If you are not sure what you need give me a call and I can then explain what is required. We do not keep every size on the shelf but we do try to keep the most popular bearings on our shelf here in Shrewsbury.

If you are elsewhere in the county or further afield in the UK, do not worry, a quick call or email and I can supply your requirements on a next day delivery.

Call WMT today on 01743 850618 or email