Friday, 26 February 2016

Mower Maintenance Season

Its still winter but spring is not too far away and green keepers are spending time preparing their machines for another long season. Machines need to be kept in pristine condition and that means that essential maintenance needs to be carried out.

WMT Bearings can, through their various allegiances supply many different belts, bearings, seals, filters, circlips to suit these requirements. We supply imperial and metric ball, roller and needle bearings manufactured by the worlds' biggest companies and we can tailor your requirements to your budget. We supply flat, timing, vee and kevlar corded belts and can in most cases cross reference the OEM part number across to good quality generic equivalents. Take a look on popular auction sites and you will see many offers for these products.

Popular auction sites are an easy way to find what you want but they are not always the cheapest. Whilst prices are meant to be keen, in many cases WMT Bearings can offer at far better prices. Many bearings and belts are offered for sale by American companies but after import and duties are added to the price of the products the amount that you save is greatly reduced. WMT Bearings welcome the opportunity to quote for any belt/bearing offered elsewhere on Ebay. We particularly welcome the opportunity to quote for bearings, belts, seals, circlips for commercial mowers. As an example we supply large numbers of ribbed belts designed for the FT series of mowers sold by Dennis on Ebay at prices that are substantially cheaper than the OEM themselves. If you are looking for J209003 and J209005 then please call us or buy on Ebay if you wish.

Whether you are a sports facility, football ground, bowling green or golf course please call us on 01743 850618 or email for a fast free quotation.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bearings For Rascal 600 Series Mobility Scooters

WMT Bearings offer a choice of flanged wheel bearings to suit a wide range of grasscare machinery and can supply half a dozen different sizes to suit various makes and applications.

I took a call from a customer yesterday who wanted me to confirm the internal diameter (ID) and outside diameter of a bearing that I have offered for sale on Ebay. Once confirmed he was happy to place an order with me and he took delivery the following working day. The bearings in this particular case were for a Rascal 600 Series Electric Mobility Scooter and were substantially cheaper than those offered elsewhere.

If you have a requirement for flanged wheel bearings, whether for wheel chairs, mobiliy scooters or other apparatus please call WMT Bearings on 01743 850618 or email

You can of course do a search on Ebay where I sell these and purchase using Paypal or if you dont have a Paypal account just call us for a quick transaction.

Friday, 5 February 2016


These are just some of the many makes of American groundcare machinery which are offered for sale on the auction sites. I have today spent some time cross referencing some of the many bearing part numbers on Ebay and offering good quality equivalents to the corresponding OEM part numbers.

Take a look at any of these American OEM part numbers and the basic cost in USD is quite reasonable. Add to that the quoted carriage and thats where the initial bargain turns out to be less so. Then when the courier or postman is knocking on the door and asking for import duty and VAT things really look expensive.

Fortunately in many cases there is no need, We can supply good and budget quality equivalents to these part numbers in many cases from stock but in most cases within 4-5 days from order. No hidden carriage, no unexpected import or VAT duty.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please call us on 01743 850618 or email me and tell me what you are looking for. If you can email a picture better still

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dont buy American bearings on Ebay......................

Just been looking at mower bearings on Ebay. UK companies charging top whack for commonly available parts. American companies offering cheap prices on bearings but then charging crazy prices for postage. Dont buy from either call me. Reasonable prices, cheap carriage and quality goods. Thats the WMT way.

One English company quoting over £20.00 for a commonly available bearing and then charging £2.80 postage. I decided to offer the same bearing for a fiver! Goods to be supplied FAG. Delivery charge ? £3.00 which is more or less cost.

So if you are looking for bearings, belts, bushings, wheel bearings for American manufactured machinery come to me first. I could save you a lot of time and money